April 13 2017 Table Rock Lake Fishing Guide Report Branson, MO

Lake Level 912.4
Normal Pool 915
Water Temp 60-65 degrees

What a great week it’s been for the bass fishing on Table Rock Lake! So many fish are up shallow now about all traditional spring time fishing patterns are working. There’s a lot of fish that’s on the beds spawning now, they’ve really moved up past couple days. The ones that haven’t are right before spawning close by spawning pockets. I’ve been catching them 5′-10′ of water dragging a 3/16 ounce shaky head green pumpkin worm and 1/8th ounce ned rig on 6lb fluorocarbon line. Some banks are real mossy on the bottom hard to fish this way but they are cleaning up nice and other banks are very clear of the moss. About all these fish I’ve been catching are at the back ends of the coves/pockets where the moss isn’t a problem. More on the main lake gravel  flats and points there’s a great smallmouth/Kentucky bite swimming a grub and underspin. As always need the wind pretty much but that hasn’t been too hard to get this spring. keep the boat in about 20′  of water and throw in. Most of the fish will be in 8′-12′ some days shallower if the wind is real strong. Try a smoke and pepper flake 4′ single tail grub on a 3/16 ounce head or smaller swim bait on a 1/4 ounce underspin.

  Taneycomo Trout fishing is fun and exciting as it gets! There is so many trout from Cooper Creek to Fall Creek. Been doing a little trout fishing around downtown Branson with the water on. Use a a pink trout worm or  trout magnet below a float on a 1/100th ounce head with a 6′-8′ leader or orange power egg on a small jig head. More and nicer trout have been comin from Fall Creek down to Short Creek on the same trout worm/magnet set up and 1/8 ounce sculpin jig hopping a bit off the bottom.

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