May 21 2017 Table Rock Lake Fishing Guide Report Branson, MO

Lake Level 928.6
Normal Pool 915
Water Temp  68-73

What a fabulous week of bass fishing it’s been on Table Rock! Lake level has steadily dropped and came up a bit over the weekend and actually dropped in temp but didn’t slow the bite down. Mainly I’ve been catching smallmouth and more smallmouth. If a smallmouth doesn’t hit a Kentucky might hit. If he doesn’t get caught, well don’t worry because a smallmouth will take his place and bite! Pretty much been catching them around the dam to Kimberling area all on flat gravel points and 1/3 of the way back in the pockets. Swimming a smoke/black flake 5′ single tail grub on a 3/16 ounce head. Keep your boat in 25-30′ of water and cast in to the old bank line, let hit bottom and slowly swim the bait back. The single tail grub for me this week has been the best and getting the most bites doesn’t seem to matter if the wind is blowing or not with the stained water. If the fish do become reluctant to commit to the grub try dragging a 4” green pumpkin tube or Carolina rigged baby brush hog on the same gravel places to get a bite. Also had a couple cloudy/windy mornings this week and caught each morning largemouth in the flooded trees and bushes on a chartreuse and white and coleslaw colored spinnerbait. back in the creeks with more stained water around more isolated bushes or flooded trees was the best.

Colored water, great temp’s and plenty of current has the bass on Table Rock hungry and angry this spring! Get out and catch them while they’re shallow and can get the spring time action. Haven’t been on Taneycomo since the flood in late  April so haven’t a trout report but heard it was great as well. Until the next time good fishin!


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