December 31 2016 Fishing Report

December 31,2016
Lake Level 907.6
Normal Pool 915.0
Water Temp 50-52 degrees

What a fantastic year for fishing on Table Rock it’s been!!! Heading into 2017 the bite on Table Rock Lake remains great deep and some days shallow. In the bigger creek arms look for the deep fish half way to the back ends suspended over timber, feeding on shad 30′-60′ deep. Been catching them on a 1/2 ounce white slab spoon, 5/8 ounce ice minnow and  4” single tail smoke colored grub on a 3/8 ounce head. If there’s shad around and you can see the fish moving on your electronics their most likely to bite these shad imitation baits. If they slow down and get fussy switch to drop shotting a 4” Chomper’s worm in brown/purple laminate.
Water Temperature’s are still warm enough for a good shallow bite on Table Rock for nice smallmouth and a few largemouth. From the dam to Shell Knob, up the James these fish will be about 6′-12′ deep on main lake gravel banks mixed with rock and  45 degree chunk rock banks back in the creeks. If the wind is blowing and or cloud cover cranking a wiggle wart is working them over. The fish aren’t everywhere but seems to be a few grouped together so when you catch one stop the boat or turn around to throw on the same spot to hook another one or two. If the weather is still and sunny try fishing a smaller size finesse jig or ned rig around the same places and boat docks.

Down below on Taneycomo  the trout fishing is fun and easy right now! I’ve just been fishing downtown Branson area around the bridges and landing. There’s a ton of nice sized trout around biting with no or little water flow. The trout will bite early on a 3/32 to 1/8 ounce sculpin jig and gold little cleo spoons. Throw a pink trout worm or  trout magnet below a float on a 1/100th ounce head with a 6′-8′ leader.





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