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November 1,2016 Fishing Report

Lake Level 911.2 Normal Pool 915 Water Temp 70-74 degrees

The bass fishing on Table Rock has been decent this week. For the most part to get bit I have been fishing the wide open gravel flats and points on the mainlake from Kimberling to Shell Knob and the James from Aunts Creek to Thompson's area. Fish are...


October 18,2016 Table Rock Lake Fishing Report

Lake Level 910.8 Normal Pool 915 Water Temp 73-75 degrees

Been out the every day so far this week on Table Rock. Been warm and very windy. Found the drop shot fishing great in the morning before the wind made it rough to fish on the mainlake that way. Nice spotted bass were on flat gravel points 30-35'...


October 16,2016 Fishing Report

Lake Level 910.9 Normal Pool 915 Water Temp 72-75 degrees

The fall fishing on Table Rock is really heating up as it begins to slowly cool down. Fish are scattered shallow to deep with the thermocline broken up but once you find them and the right pattern on the right day they've been cooperative.  Early in the morning...