Table Rock Lake Fishing Guide Report Branson, MO

June 23rd 2019
Lake Level 917.0
Normal Pool 915
Water Temp 77-80 degrees

The fishing has been very well on Table Rock this early summer. Traditional summer patterns are kicking in full swing catching lots of bass. Very early mornings try a spook or red fin along timbered bluff ends and timbered points for a few top water bites, or look for schooling fish in isolated spots.  But, this bit hasn’t been lasting very long.

With the sun up, start looking for the Kentucky’s on the main lake. 30 ft deep seems to be the magic depth number.  Fish are either on the bottom or suspended 40-60 ft of water.  From the dam to Kimberling City to Campbell Point look on the main lake gravel points, humps, and suspended in the treetops along bluff ends and channel swings. Use a 4in Chompers drop shot worm in brown/purple lam or watermelon/red.  Also if you see the fish moving up and down on your electronics try a 1/2 oz white spoon to pick off some and a few white bass may be mixed in.

There has been a decent football jig and Carolina rig bite on the gravel banks and up in the James River.  Try fishing a watermelon candy baby brush hog on the rig and a 1/2 oz or 5/8 oz football jig in PB & J or watermelon candy.

In memory of one of the best fishermen and best of men, gone but never forgotten

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