August 10, 2018 Table Rock Lake Fishing Guide Report Branson MO

Lake Level 913.6
Normal Pool 915
Water Temp 81-84 degrees

Continues to be a great summer bass fishing on Table Rock Lake these dog days of summer. Fish are biting really well pretty much one end of the lake to the other. Been spending all my time in the Kimberling, Baxter to Shell Knob and mid James areas and haven’t really noticed any difference really on techniques or depth.  Pretty much all the bass are in or around that 30′ depth margin. Catching a few shallower early but as the sun gets up search for them 30′ out on the flat gravel mainlake points and run outs. Some may be out suspended later on 30′ but out over 40-50′. Catching a few in the tree tops but most seem to be hanging out over open water.

I have been using and catching them a lot on a night crawler on a drop shot rig but you can definitely get bit on other lures such as the Chompers 4″ drop shot worm in their brown and purple laminate and watermelon candy colors with a little of their garlic scent sprayed on. The scent has really seems to be getting more bites lately plus fish are biting a 1/2 ounce white or chrome spoon.  The spoon bounced off the bottom can get them fired up if they’re being lazy!

In memory of one of the best fishermen and best of men,
Gone but never forgotten

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