January 8 2017 Table Rock Lake Fishing Report

Lake Level 907.1
Normal Pool 915
Water Temp 44-47 degrees

Been such a cold week the water temperatures plummeted fast on Table Rock but the fishing has remained good. Starting to catch nicer largemouth and smallmouth bass on the A-rig off mainlake channel swings and bluff ends with timber. Fish are also coming up in these areas hitting a jerkbait. Been throwing a Spro McStick in chrome shad and clear chartreuse on sunny days and norman flake on cloudy days. Also try slowly swimming a 3/8 ounce underspin with a swimming fluke Jr  attached in the  smokin shad color.  Barely wind the underspin and Arig in 20′-30′ of water. The deep bite remains great and fairly consistent.  Look for schools of bass around the shad over timber halfway back in the bigger creeks. Most fish will be 35′-45′ deep but don’t be afraid to look deeper some days if you’re not seeing them on your electronics.  Use a white 1/2 ounce or 3/4 ounce slab spoon, 5/8 ounce  jigging Rapala or try drop shotting the 4″ Chompers worm in brown/purple or watermelon candy.

Down below on Taneycomo the trout fishing is great! Haven’t been on the upper part of the lake lately there’s so many nice bows around Branson- Monkey Island area. Early or with cloud cover cast 1/8 sculpin jigs or little cleo spoons off the bottom. Trout are also biting pink and orange trout magnets and trout worms on a pink 1/100th ounce head below a float with about a 5-8′ leader of 2lb test fluorocarbon.

Good luck everyone and good fishin this early 2017!



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